Heat & Glo SlimLine Series Gas Fireplace

SlimLine fireplaces fit where others don’t. Slender profiles make unique installations a reality. Bring your vision to life with multiple models, sizes and finishing options. The ideal combination of flame, glow and logs create a fireside experience you never want to leave. Upgrade the ambiance even more with the enhanced details of the X collection.

Slimline (SL) Series features Include:

  • RIGHT SIZE FOR ANY SPACE — Find the right fire to fill your space. Select from SL-3, SL-5, SL-7 or SL-9 to fit your space and style, let creative installations inspire. At just 16 inches deep, space is no longer a constraint.
  • FEEL THE REALISM — Flame, glow and logs come together for an immersive experience. Take it to the next level with the additional heat and options of the SL-3X, SL-5X, SL-7X or SL-9X and lose yourself in the looks and warmth of your SlimLine.
  • FIT YOUR STYLE — Personalize the aesthetics of the fireplace. Style the front with decorative trims and finishes, choose interior elements, and enrich the appearance with advanced selections. Opt for modern drama, authentic masonry, or somewhere in-between.

Idea Book
Mantels Brochure
Installation Manual: SL Models
Installation Manual: SL Models (French)
Installation Manual: SL-X (GTGS) Models
Installation Manual: SL-X (GTGS) Models (French)
IFT-RC150 Install Manual
IFT-RC400IFT-ACM Install Manual
IFT-ACM Install Manual
Owner’s Manual: SL Models
Owner’s Manual: SL Models (French)
Owner’s Manual: SL-X (GTGS) Models
Owners Manual: SL-X (GTGS) Models (French)
IFT-RC150 User Guide
IFT-RC400 User Guide
Service Parts: SL 3X
Service Parts: SL 5
Service Parts: SL 5X
Service Parts: SL 5X-S, -TG, -G
Service Parts: SL 7
Service Parts: SL 7X
Service Parts: SL 7X-S, -TG, -G
Service Parts: SL 9
Service Parts: SL 9X
Service Parts: SL 9X-S, -TG, -G
Architect Guide: SL-3X
Architect Guide: SL-5, SL-5X
Architect Guide: SL-7, SL-7X
Architect Guide: SL-9, SL-9X
CAD Drawing – SL-3X
CAD Drawing – SL-5
CAD Drawing – SL-5X
CAD Drawing – SL-7
CAD Drawing – SL-7X
CAD Drawing – SL-9
CAD Drawing – SL-9X

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        SlimLine 3X w/IFT

        Steady State: 72.80%
        AFUE: 67.40%
        Canada EnerGuide: 69.10%

        SlimLine 5 w/IFT

        Steady State: 69.8%
        AFUE: 57.3%
        Canada EnerGuide: 57.9%

        SlimLine 5X w/IFT

        Steady State: 73.40%
        AFUE: 62.80%
        Canada EnerGuide: 64.00%

        SlimLine 7 w/IFT

        Steady State: 69.9%
        AFUE: 58.5%
        Canada EnerGuide: 59.0%

        SlimLine 7X w/IFT

        Steady State: 75.00%
        AFUE: 64.60%
        Canada EnerGuide: 66.40%

        SlimLine 9 w/IFT

        Steady State: 69.9%
        AFUE: 58.5%
        Canada EnerGuide: 59.0%

        SlimLine 9X w/IFT

        Steady State: 77.00%
        AFUE: 67.10%
        Canada EnerGuide: 69.00%

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