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If you have a pellet grill or are thinking about getting one, I’m sure you’ve wondered at some point: “What makes pellet grills better than charcoal or propane?”. Great question! The answer is simple. Pellets improve the flavor of your smoked meats and they’re better for the environment.

Cooking with pellets means that you can expect consistent results, cook after a cook.

Advantages of Wood Pellets at a Glance

  • Burns Hotter – Can you say eco-efficiency? With a higher wood density and lower moisture content, pellets deliver more BTU output per pound and ultimately more heat.
  • Burns Cleaner – Dirt be gone! Since wood pellets are drier and denser, they burn very clean — creating far fewer particle emissions and ash.
  • Eliminates Build Up – Safe is simple. Wood pellets reduce the risk of fires with little or no creosote buildup, ensuring safe ventilation and easier maintenance.
  • Better For The Environment – Made from all-natural biomass, wood pellets are a carbon-neutral substitute that helps keep our climate in check.

With a solid brand, you should be able to complete 10-20 cooks (depending on what you’re cooking and for how long) before you need to empty your firepot.

The bottom line is that you can use whatever cooking pellets you want in your pellet Grill. Every pellet brand varies slightly in flavor and pairings. Whether you’re a pellet grilling beginner or a seasoned pellethead, flavor charts are always a helpful tool to reference when planning your next smoked meat-sterpiece.

Pellet grilling is something every BBQ enthusiast should try! From the balanced sweet, smoky flavor of their Gourmet Blend, to the mild fruity flavor served up by Cherry, we welcome you to mix and match to create the culinary experience you envision.

For more information on Pellet Grills, contact The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop, your local specialty grill retailer.

Source: Woodpellets.com


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