Latest and Greatest in Gas Grills: SABER Gas Grills

Cast Stainless 3-Burner Gas Grill R50CC0317

Are you looking for a new gas grill? SABER Gas Grills are the latest and greatest in gas grills. They use an infrared grilling system that makes it almost impossible to burn or over-cook meat. Flare ups don’t exist anymore with SABER gas grills.

SABER infrared grills use a proprietary Infrared (IR) cooking system that’s so advanced you can actually taste the difference. It keeps meat naturally juicy and tender, even when cooked medium or well done. . Mistakes like overcooking or charring a piece of meat are a thing of the past!

304 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Burners, Emitters, and Grates

304 commercial grade corrosion resistant stainless steel is used in the construction of SABER burners, IR emitters, and cooking grates. This means years of worry-free and maintenance-free cooking enjoyment – Guaranteed!

Highly Fuel Efficient and Reduced Gas Usage

BTUs have nothing to do with cooking performance, but everything to do with how often you refill your propane tank or the size of your gas bill. SABER grill’s Infrared cooking system is designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Our patented cooking system uses Infrared’s longer energy wave to more effectively and efficiently cook food, locking in moisture and reducing cooking times. You can now cook faster with fewer BTUs, reducing your gas consumption by 30%. That is very good for your wallet.

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