Vent Free Gas Fireplaces

13 December 2019 Bookmark and Share

Flare Double Corner - Bay Linear Fireplace

Ventless gas fireplaces literally do not have any venting which makes them more economical to install. Homeowners love the practicality of these fireplaces because they only require propane or natural gas and the air circulating in the room where the unit is to be used. Not to mention, you get to enjoy a roaring fire at the touch of a button! No mess or fuss.

Gas fireplaces can produce enough BTUs to be considered an alternative or secondary heating source. They efficiently heat a room, and you'll find there are a wide variety of styles and designs that look just like a traditional fireplace and mantle. Gas Fireplaces can even be hooked up to a thermostat, so your home can have a constant temperature. Keep in mind, when you are purchasing a vent-free gas fireplace that the Stove Shop handles all of your installation needs.

A gas fireplace is an excellent addition to any household and can improve the décor and ambience, while increasing your home value. They can mimic a roaring fire just as well as a traditional fireplace, without the effort. If you are interested in how to improve the style or character of your home while keeping it warm as well, contact The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop.

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