Rediscover the Age-Old Beauty of Wood Burning Fireplaces

14 December 2022 Bookmark and Share

There will always be pros and cons of a wood burning fireplace compared to a gas fireplace. It all boils down to the personal needs and desires of the homeowner, as well as the existing wood burning fireplace venting options. If you are a person that enjoys the ambiance of dancing yellow flames and a warm cozy look and feel, then we have the perfect solution from Kozy Heat.

New options in a high efficiency wood burning fireplace make this a practical option for many customers. Indoor wood burning fireplace inserts are a factory built wood burning fireplace that can fit into your existing masonry, adding a safe and practical solution. Adding a wood burning fireplace insert with a blower offers even heat distribution around the room.

Consult with the Experts

At The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop in Littleton, MA we enjoy educating customers and helping them learn more about the different types of fireplaces that burn wood. We also offer inserts that are compatible with different wood burning fireplace venting options. Contact us today.

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