Fireplace Inserts for Better Efficiency and Ambiance

29 August 2018 Bookmark and Share

Winter is on the way. Every homeowner wants a better way to heat their home; and they also want a more attractive home. But, most of all every homeowners wants to be warm and comfortable this winter. Heating and cooling costs make up half of the utility bills for most homes. Unfortunately, in Massachusetts much of that money can be spent on lost heat that is wasted. Essentially throwing your money up the chimney.

Further insulating and winterizing can reduce heat loss but most homeowners have not considered their fireplace as a major energy eater. Traditional open, wood-burning fireplaces are actually a leading source of indoor heat loss and draft. Even more than windows and doors.

Open fireplaces often have a lot of charm but they are often inefficient whether they are in use or not.

But, you can avoid heat loss this winter. You can also lower your heating bills, stay warm, add ambiance, and improve your home value while enjoying a wonderful burning fire. Add a fireplace insert. Convert your open fireplace into an energy-efficient, very attractive heat source with a wood burning fireplace insert. Insert for fireplaces will lower energy bills and generate much more radiant heat, they are also cleaner to maintain. Plus, a new insert looks great and increase heating efficiency every time.

For those who want a real fire, EPA-certified wood burning fireplace inserts are an easy, clean, and efficient alternative. Don't say goodbye to tradition, give your fireplace a much-needed upgrade.

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