Woodstove & Fireplace Shop

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Outstanding products on display and comptent sales lady that really knew and understood the products she represented.-Jerry Casey

After determining it was too costly to rescue our chimney we decided to tear it down and install a gas fireplace instead. Paul Jurewicz at the shop was a huge help in walking me through the sizes of the units, their heat output and features. Then they put me in touch with a company to tear down the chimney (Barry John chimney in Franklin) and a super contractor to build the doghouse I needed to vent the new fireplace (Leger construction). All the steps I needed for a smooth installation were clearly laid out in instructions they provided (plumbing work, electrical work) and they came after installation and walked through the operation and verified that everything works as it should. We have had contractors in the house and various construction inspectors and they all go “Ooooo- nice” when they see the gas fireplace. I would recommend them without reservation. They were very helpful, not pushy and when I was ready to order they were ready to help me through the whole process 🙂 – Laura Socha

Bought a Hearthstone Clydesdale with them this month after shopping this stove around to several places. Prices did not vary much on this one and these guys were right down the road. They even honored a previous quote a day after it expired (and after the corresponding manufacturer rebate ended). I paid check to save them the CC fees if I had charged it to offset hit they took to honor the quote. I’ve used their installer before who did a fast, friendly and efficient install (was not complicated). All are very organized and easy to do business with. – Mike Broderick

My wife and I recently went in to talk about wood stoves which neither of us know hardly anything about. The owner of the store spent a lot of time educating us and providing a number of options. I never once felt that I was being sold and felt they provide a very good customer experience. If you are looking for a wood or gas stove, I would certainly recommend that you consider these folks. – Bob Gustafson