Wood vs. Gas Fire Pits: What’s Best for Your Outdoor Space

Alcott Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

Fire pits are the focal point of many backyard living areas, so choosing the right one can make all the difference in creating that magical look and feel you want. It’s a place that your friends and family might gather year-round to connect, warm up, and spend quality time together.

So the question is: should you get a wood or gas fire pit? While both can add a warm and cozy atmosphere to gather around, gas fire pit tables are the clear choice when factoring in safety, maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

Fire Pits and Safety

When it comes to safety, it’s hard to beat propane gas fire pits. With easy shut-off and contained flames, gas fire pit tables are ideal for families with pets, small children, or areas where you must adhere to fire codes and ordinances. Wood fire pits can be at a higher risk for spreading into unwanted areas with unpredictable pops and sparks.

Cost of Fire Pits

Overall, wood fire pits tend to cost less initially than gas fire pits. But when looking long-term, the gas fire tables provide much more lasting value. A high-quality gas fire pit typically lasts longer and will keep you warm for years if you maintain them properly.

Fire Pit Maintenance and Cleaning

Wood-burning fire pits are notoriously difficult to maintain long-term. Wood fire pits are more difficult to clean due to the ash and creosote left over after burning wood. With propane and gas fire pits, there is hardly any maintenance other than refilling your gas tank, wiping down your fire table, and keeping it out of the elements. You can even get covers that fit perfectly and help you keep them looking their best.

Fire Pits and Environmental Concerns

It might come as a surprise, but gas fire pits create less impact on the environment. Because they are burning propane gas, they burn cleaner than wood fire pits. Burning wood can contribute to air pollution, even in small amounts. This also means that if you have friends or family members with breathing concerns such as asthma, gas-burning fire pits will be better for their immediate health.

Most decisions between gas vs. wood fire pits come down to preferences. But when you’re looking for the pros and cons of which will be a better choice long-term, gas fire pits are the winner, hands down. Gas fire pit tables from The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop in Littleton, MA are design-forward, and come with exceptional customer service.

Source: outdoorrooms.com


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