MA Sales Tax Holiday Weekend Set for Aug 12 & 13, 2022

Most purchases under $2,500 apply.

The Massachusetts Legislature set this year’s sales tax holiday weekend for Aug. 13 and 14.

On these two days, Massachusetts shoppers do not have to pay the state’s 6.25% sales tax on most goods less than $2,500.

When it comes to purchasing a new grill, grill and hearth supplies, or fireplace insert, smart shoppers know to take advantage of their state’s sales tax free weekend. In just a few weeks, Massachusetts will have this tax free weekend or sales tax holiday.

The idea behind most of these sales tax holidays is to give families a break on state taxes. That’s why participating states have rules on which categories qualify for tax free shopping.

Is there a limit on the tax free weekend

While you are not limited to how many stores you shop tax free, there are spending limits on what you buy. In other words the sales tax holidays have a cap on what qualifies as tax free. The cap in MA is $2,500.

Anyone shopping on a tax free weekend can reap the rewards of a sales tax holiday. Just keep your spending within the rules and the approved categories!

What is excluded?

Purchases of cars, motorboats, food, alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana products, telecommunications services such as prepaid calls, natural gas, steam, and electricity are excluded from the sales tax holiday.

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