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The Zero Clearance Fireplace is a pre-manufactured metal box that can be installed almost directly against combustible material like wood framing.The firebox is constructed with air flow allowances and materials that prevent the heat of the fire from overheating the surrounding material. For years Zero Clearance fireplaces have been the staple of the contractor-built home while providing cost savings and ease of install versus the typical masonry fireplace.

The Zero Clearance Fireplace found in most homes has a tracked glass door and curtain mesh. While functional, these two often wear out long before the box does. Stoll Industries provides a line of Zero Clearance Fireplace doors that offers not only an upgrade in appearance but in function as well. This line of doors provides accommodations for airflow ensuring your fireplace is safe for you and your family.

The Original Zero Clearance Enclosure is constructed of durable 14 Ga Steel and features a variety of finish options and decorative designs. Choose the handle of your choice and glass color to make this door truly one of a kind. A variety of mesh doors can be added behind the glass doors to keep your home safe from sparks and offer an ease of use not found in the standard curtain mesh that came with your ZC Box.

Looking for something more rustic? The Forged Iron Zero Clearance door features rivets and banding reminiscent of days gone by. Hand-built by master craftsmen, each piece is distressed by hand, producing no two doors exactly alike. Each door is, quite literally, an original work of art. Adding a premium hand-rubbed finish, such as Burnished Bronze, will make this the centerpiece of your home.

The modern or contemporary home also has options in our line of Zero Clearance Fireplace doors. Our aluminum fireplace doors of the Elite Th and Legacy collections provide sleek and minimal touches that blend with subtle design themes. Available in Anodized finishes or Powder coat there is an option for every setting. From the slim and sleek Huntington, to the rounded, sleekly framed Stockton, Stoll offers a zero clearance frame style to fit any home.

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