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The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop - Selecting a new fireplace

Selecting a new fireplace is not unlike selecting a new car: It’s important to look at sticker price as a starting point. Fireplaces have options like a car does. You have simple models to deluxe models. What’s reflected in the sticker price is often the most basic option.

So it’s important not just to consider the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), but also research the costs of other components and variables such as:

  • Installation and venting
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Operating costs
  • Labor
  • Wall finishings or surrounds
  • Upgrades or add-ons for functionality or aesthetics

A local fireplace retailer will help you narrow down the selection by prompting you to think about your needs, wants, and space. Many showrooms also offer a pre-visit checklist to get you thinking about the basics before you even call or step foot in the store. This will save time and help the sales representative show you models in your budget that fit your lifestyle and home.

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