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In a world full of competitive pricing, it can be difficult to notice the minor details, such as where a product is made. When you purchase a product made in the USA, whether it be a fire pit table or a pair of boots, you are making a decision that will leave you feeling better and made to run the distance.

There is always a sense of pride when supporting the land of the free, home of the brave, but there are also tangible, hidden benefits when choosing American-made products.

Safety and Durability

Products made in the USA are made to last. With strict safety standards set in place, such as the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), a USA made fire table is required to prioritize health and safety… something that should be done when ‘playing with fire.’ A newer feature the Outdoor GreatRoom Company (OGC) offers is its Crystal Fire® Plus burner that includes a safety ignition and shutdown valve that automatically closes if the gas source cannot be detected.

Using durable materials, such as Supercast concrete or impenetrable stainless steel, ensures a structure and design that will survive harsh and extreme weather conditions. The Cove Gas Fire Pit Bowl, in 3 unique color options, is a great option to consider. Its unique, upscale design and concrete-enforced structure has become one of the OGC’s most popular products.

Purchasing from U.S. manufacturers also tends to be less of a hassle. Purchasing a gas fire pit can be a big investment. Buying local allows for industry experts to guide you into getting the best product for your outdoor room. If there is ever an issue with the product, you will experience readily available customer service that will provide a timely and personalized response to your needs. A neighborly relationship is something you just don’t get from overseas production or from purchasing on-line. At the Woodstove Fireplace and Patio Shop our prices are always at the minimum advertised price with is the same price you’ll get from the internet companies.

Are you looking to find a custom outdoor fire table that complements your backyard landscaping or house? Customization is another benefit of buying local. Being able to customize a standard fire pit into your own, one-of-a-kind product is much easier when done locally.

Supporting Local

Although there are numerous benefits to buying products made in the USA, like product support, faster shipping, a more personal experience, and a product that is made with tender love and care. Your decision to purchase locally supports not only your local business but your community as well. Those dollars you spend stay in your community supporting other local purchases, jobs, and tax revenues to fund your police and fire departments, roads, schools, etc.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is a family company with family values, as is the Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop. Our goal is for you to feel like family. Contact us for help in choosing an outdoor gas fire table for your home.


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