National BBQ Month

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May is National Barbecue Month. This is the great time to get that grill or smoker that you’ve always
wanted and to spend time with the family outdoors. To celebrate National BBQ month, we’re offering
free assembly and delivery on most grills in addition to the many sales we’re running.

Buying a new grill is an investment. The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop is open and available to help you choose the grill that best meets your needs and budget. Below are some important things to consider when choosing the grills that is right for you.

What do you plan to cook?

This is perhaps the most important question you can ask. Are you mainly steaks and burgers or do you plan to try your hand at smoking or larger items like turkey. There are gas grills, wood charcoal grills, pellet grills, and grills that can use a combination of these fuels. Many grills come with extra features ideal for certain foods. Think rotisserie if you love a roasted chicken, side burners if you love soups and stews, and ample space for pizza stones if that is your thing. Speaking of pizza,
you may even want to consider a dedicated pizza oven as an option.

How much time do you have to cook?

Each type of grill typically requires varying levels of time commitment. If you’re often on the go and hard pressed for free cooking time, consider the convenience of gas. Planning on low-and-slow cooking ribs or a brisket? A charcoal or pellet, smoke may be your best choice.

What’s your budget?

We carry grills ranging from around $500 to several thousand. To help you with your investment we offer 6 month interest free financing. If your finances allow,
purchasing a more premium grill will not only provide more features, but will ensure a longer life and stronger return on your initial investment. Many of the grills we carry come with a lifetime warranty.

What’s your space?

If you have a big backyard, consider a larger grill perhaps with a kitchen island to create a focal point for relaxation and entertaining. Premium portable or more compact grills are ideal for condos and apartments. In addition, do you frequently host large gatherings? Go big on your barbecue size to make the most of these special occasions.

What accessories will you need?

National BBQ month is also time to evaluate accessories that can enhance your cooking experience. Ensure you have a good protective cover, proper cleaning tools
and a working meat thermometer. It’s also a fun time to go in on new accessories that meet your cooking style; think Bluetooth temperature gauges, griddles for breakfast cooking, veggie baskets and more.

We’re open Tuesday – Friday from 10 until 5 and Saturday 10 until 3. Stop in if you’d like to see
these grills in person or give us a call or send us a request to discuss options. We can
handle your entire transaction without you ever having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.
Be well and happy grilling!


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