Primo Charcoal Grills When it’s All About the Food

Happy Holidays from Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop

Winter has just begun, but Spring will be here eventually. But, no matter the season, it’s time to start grilling. There is joy in picking out the right grill, and a definite joy when you go home and fire it up.

Charcoal grills are actually the most popular type of grill and there are many different styles. Over the years, the charcoal grill has evolved. The Primo charcoal grill is for those who are serious about taste. These grills have a ceramic shell, natural lump charcoal, and perfect air flow for a superior charcoal grilled taste. With the Primo you can sear food at high temperatures and it will still retain its moistness. In fact, these grills can be used as an oven, a grill, or a smoker. There is also a wide range of accessories for these charcoal grills available. But, these are the typical charcoal grill, they are ready to use in 15 minutes.

Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop can help you decide which size Primo Charcoal Grill is the best for you and your home. Come in and visit us today. And, get a free grill cover with your purchase


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