Keeping your grill in the best shape this summer can increase its life-time, performance, and keep the food you cook on it coming out great! To keep your gas or charcoal outdoor grill from the Woodstove & Fireplace Shop in Littleton, MA in tip-top shape, follow these tips.

  • Since most grills are left outside, you should always cover your grill. We have outdoor grill covers in all shapes and sizes at the shop in Littleton, MA
  • If your grill sits on pavement, place a tarp or a grill mat underneath it to catch debris, grease and food.
  • Replacing your grill parts over the years is important. Be sure to save your manual and the warranty information as many manufacturers come with a lifetime guarantee on certain parts.
  • Treat your grill like your stove top! Cleaning the grill thoroughly every five to ten uses.
  • Clean the venturi tubes. Venturies are the tubes that mix air and gas and feed to the burners. They need to be clear to work properly and usually are filled with insects during the winter. Even a small blockage can become a fire hazard. Remove the entire burner/tube assembly and clean with soapy water and a small wire brush, paperclip or tooth pick.
  • Have your grill at least 10 feet from your house and never have it under any flammable surface like a garage, or porch.
  • Store your propane tanks upright in a secure position and never in your car!

You can find outdoor grill accessories and top of the line grills, like Sabre, Weber, and Big Green Egg at the Woodstove & Fireplace Shop in Littleton, MA.


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