Base Price: $4,276

The Duet see-through fireplace is a lyrical expression of industry-defining technology and luxurious contemporary design. The only double-sided wood burning fireplace that meets the EPA's most exacting emission standards, the Duet confirms Supreme's position as the industry leader of clean burn technology. It is the perfect choice for environmentally-aware consumers seeking an efficient two-sided fireplace that doubles as a striking visual feature. The combustion chamber has been refined over many years to offer the ability to burn large logs while remaining compact enough not to impede the flow of light and movement within a space. The Duet serves as a visually compelling feature in any interior scheme, whether installed as a centrepiece or as a decorative divider between two rooms. Enjoy the views of the dancing flames from two sides along with an impressive ability to heat a room within minutes. Courtesy of several patented technologies, the Duet ensures user-friendly ignition and operation of the fireplace along with fires that can last throughout an entire night. Adding to the sense of the delight is the drop down grill that allows flavorsome barbecued meals to be prepared over the coals. The Duet will introduce a sense of harmony along with superior heating capability to your home.


Exclusive Features & Technologies:

  • Stainless Steel Firebox
  • Patented Automatic Air Control
  • 2 Premium Blowers (155 CFM TOTAL)
  • Built-In Barbecue Grill
  • Sealed Ash Pan
  • Removable Ash Lip
  • Easy-Light Control
  • Chimney Sweeping Cap
  • Unique Door Operation
  • Hot Air System
  • Dual Air Wash System
  • Innovative Baffle Design
  • Patented Variable Secondary Air Control


  • Heat Capacity: 2,000 square feet
  • Total Maximum Heat Output: 100,000 BTUs (based on a 20 lb load of wood)
  • EPA Firebox Size: 3.1 cubic feet
  • Chimney: 6 inch listed to UL 103/ULC S629 standards
  • Certifications: EPA 28 & 5G option 3, CSA B-415.1.10, UL 127-2011 and ULC S610-M87
  • Emissions: 3.6 g/h with EPA method 28 & 5G, 2.2 g/h with CSA method B-415.1.10
  • Glass Dimensions: 22¾"x 15"
  • Patent Numbers: 9/605,851, 7/325,547 & 9/476,593

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