Base Price: $2,269

The 4300 Millennium is the perfect stove for those that want to heat with wood and not have to work so hard at it. Using the Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) makes this stove easy to light and allows you to give it a boost of air anytime the fire needs it. And don’t worry, once the ACC is engaged you can just walk away and enjoy your day, it will close automatically in about 20 minutes.

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4300 Millennium


  • Fuel Type: Seasoned Cord Wood
  • Peak BTU/hr Output: 61,700
  • Heating Capacity: 1,100 - 3,000 sq ft
  • Maximum Burn Time: 12 hrs
  • Firebox Capacity: 2.3 cu ft
  • Recommended Log Length: 18"
  • Viewing Area: 165 sq in
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Emissions: 1.6 grams/hour

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