18 April 2017 Bookmark and Share

I’m happy to say that none of us had to reach for the bag lunch this past Saturday since Pabsty McNelleys’ Bacon Wrapped Chicken was a delightful surprise. Despite his total lack of experience with the Memphis Pellet Grill, Pabsty grilled up a chicken treat that was cooked to perfection. The chicken did lack flavor however and some sought the aid of barbecue to get over the blandness. The roasted garlic and potato side was a little underdone and was not ready with the entree. Also, we all agreed that we would not let Pabsty’s skate by with the store-bought Chinese Sausage part of his entry.

The consensus vote was that this meal deserved a 6.0. Thanks to Pabsty for a meal that surpassed expectation. Next up in the competition is myself and I’m planning on preparing a New England Clam Bake on the Memphis Pellet Grill.

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