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Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 12, 2014

Find discounted pellets with the purchase of a pellet stove till the end of September. So here is the deal, get $35 off pellets for your new pellet stove!

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Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Now until September 8, 2014 you can save $200 on a Quadra-Fire fireplaces, stoves and inserts at the Woodstove & Fireplace Shop in Littleton, MA.

Quadra-Fire fireplaces, stoves and inserts burn gas, wood, pellets and other alternative fuels. We are happy to sell these products in our Littleton stove shop because of the performance, easy operation and durability Quadra-Fire has always offered our customers.

Redeem your $200 coupon & come by the store today! “Nothing Burns Like a Quad!”

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Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 28, 2014

The Massachusetts House has given its support to holding another summer sales tax holiday. An amendment added on Wednesday to an economic development bill calls for suspending the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax during the weekend of Aug. 16-17. This is a great opportunity to reap big savings while beating the fall rush for economic heating appliance. Call us or come in to learn how to make your purchase TODAY!


Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 14, 2014

Keeping your grill in the best shape this summer can increase its life-time, performance, and keep the food you cook on it coming out great! To keep your gas or charcoal outdoor grill from the Woodstove & Fireplace Shop in Littleton, MA in tip-top shape, follow these tips.

  • Since most grills are left outside, you should always cover your grill. We have outdoor grill covers in all shapes and sizes at the shop in Littleton, MA
  • If your grill sits on pavement, place a tarp or a grill mat underneath it to catch debris, grease and food.
  • Replacing your grill parts over the years is important. Be sure to save your manual and the warranty information as many manufacturers come with a lifetime guarantee on certain parts.
  • Treat your grill like your stove top! Cleaning the grill thoroughly every five to ten uses.
  • Clean the venturi tubes. Venturies are the tubes that mix air and gas and feed to the burners. They need to be clear to work properly and usually are filled with insects during the winter. Even a small blockage can become a fire hazard. Remove the entire burner/tube assembly and clean with soapy water and a small wire brush, paperclip or tooth pick.
  • Have your grill at least 10 feet from your house and never have it under any flammable surface like a garage, or porch.
  • Store your propane tanks upright in a secure position and never in your car!

You can find outdoor grill accessories and top of the line grills, like Sabre, Weber, and Big Green Egg at the Woodstove & Fireplace Shop in Littleton, MA.


Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer & grilling are synonymous with each other, but finding a quality outdoor grill is a process. That is why we, the Woodstove and Fireplace Shop, have a great Saber Grill special should make that process a lot easier. Made from stainless steel and measuring 675 square inches of total cooking space, giving you a quality product with enough space to grill for any size cookout this summer. This outdoor grill made by Saber also uses 30% less gas than traditional grills saving you time and money. Bolstering 3 burners that use proprietary infrared technology that keeps your grilling meats moist and delicious. Separately controlled cooking areas allow you to have a succulent grilling meats cooking on one part of the grill and fresh vegetables slowly grilling on another part. With the adjustable warming rack, you could be cooking an item from every food group at the same time. The sun may stay out later in the Summer, but so do you, the Saber Grill has two interior halogen lights that allow you to grill outside even on the darkest of summer nights.

Woodstove & Fireplace Shop is here to help you every step of your outdoor grill buying process to get you grilling in no time. Specifically with this Saber grill special, we are including FREE propane, assembly, and delivery with a purchase of this or any other Saber or MHP grill. For any grilling accessories or any other grilling questions please contact us, we would love to help make your grilling experience as fun and easy as possible.

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Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 16, 2014

Save Money While Saving Live!

  • Switch from a non-EPA certified wood stove to a new EPA certified wood stove, get $1,000.
  • Switch from a hydronic heater to a new EPA certified wood stove, get $1,500.
  • Get $2,000 for a new EPA certified pellet stove or gas stove.
  • Get $3,000 for a EPA certified wood, pellet or gas stove, or indoor gas furnace if you receive Medicaid, are participating in the Low Income Heating Assistance Program or the Womens Infant and Childrens nutrition program.

Learn more!


Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 16, 2014

Save $50

To ensure safe and efficient operation, it’s important to have your entire heating system cleaned and inspected each year. While most chimney sweeps clean only your flue, our certified technicians clean and inspect your entire system, inside and out, from the stove through the cap.


  • Rates are low now
  • Have your stove & appliance ready for next season
  • Our appointments fill up fast in the fall


  • Clean & Inspect:
  • Chimney, Cap, Flues & Fireplace Stove, Baffles & Gaskets
  • Review Results & Recommendations

Call us at 978-486-9500 to reserve your spot!


Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Welcome to our new website! Please browse through our site to learn more about the products we offer!