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Warm Your Home with a Fireplace Insert from Vermont Castings

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 09, 2019
The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop - Carlisle, Concord, MA

If you are looking for a fireplace insert that has superb burning performance and exquisite craftsmanship, look no further than Vermont Castings wood burning fireplace inserts. These fireplace inserts are superior in aesthetics, design, and functionality and are a perfect addition to your home. They will change the look and feel of your living space, making it more elegant while providing clean and efficient heat and a beautiful fire.

Vermont casting wood inserts are by far the most efficient inserts for fireplaces and are made from cast iron. They feature a clean burning and a panoramic, large viewing area. In fact, they consistently exceed EPA standards for emissions, making them a green and sustainable heat source. For extra heating efficiency, these wood inserts offer a variable speed fan so that the heat is forced out into your living space.

Furthermore, the design makes temperature regulation easier to control so that you can have more even heat in your living space. To find out more about Vermont casting wood burning fireplace inserts, contact the Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop.

Modern Gas Fireplaces are Trending

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Happy Holidays from Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop

The classic mantle-and-hearth fireplace is now giving way to more contemporary gas fireplace and insert designs that emphasize clean, simple lines. Gas has become the top option.

Fireplaces are also getting bigger, influenced by widescreen television sets. And, there are more options for finishes, from classic brick and rock to ultra-sleek tile, glass, and metal.

People are enjoying more modern design that is clean, modern, and sleek and homeowners are more in favor of clean-face units and wider dimensions.

See-through or doubled-sided gas fireplaces are a fast-growing trend, adding a focal point in home décor. See-through fireplace styles offer light and heat on both sides of a wall, with the fireplace serving as a focal point for two rooms, or as a divider for larger areas.

Today’s gas fireplaces are a whole lot more versatile, with a range of styles, surrounds and finishes complimenting any décor. Looks can easily be changed and updated as well by simply adding decorative rocks or glass crystals or installing a new log set. It’s an easy and affordable way to revamp or customize an indoor fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces add value to a home, and can significantly reduce heating costs. While some fireplaces heat only one room, others have fans with can circulate warm air to other parts of the home. They are more efficient because you can just heat the room you are in with a thermostat or transfer the heat to other rooms.

Natural gas fireplaces are a number one choice because they are convenient, easily maintained and cost-efficient. Anyone can walk in the room and flip a switch, and turn on the fire. You can heat the room, and keep the furnace turned down.

Gas Fireplaces offer a range of benefits to a home, creating ambiance, warmth and comfort while adding value and cutting heating costs. Fireplaces not only serve as a focal point of a room, but as a gathering point as well.

For more information on gas fireplaces and inserts, contact Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop.