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An Affordable Commercial Style Grill for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Blaze introduces an affordable commercial style grill that was designed with your outdoor grilling needs in mind. Blaze gas grills feature precision cut, 304 stainless steel components which bring the promise of lasting durability to your outdoor kitchen! Blaze gas grills have a lifetime warranty that warrants against any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of the main burners, cooking grids, body, flame tamers, heat zone separators, warming rack, and control valves.

Watch the performance of the Blaze Gas Grill in live testing. Watch how the bbq grill controls flareups and produces great tasting food.

For more information on Blaze Gas Grills for your outdoor kitchen, contact The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop.

Flexible Financing Programs

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Make your purchases a breeze using Flexible Financing Options*. Financing gives you the ability to purchase the fireplace that is right for you rather than settling for second-best. With our help, it’s no longer an overwhelming task. A beautiful fireplace makes your house a home.

Applying for financing only takes a few minutes and if approved, you’ll be set to go in any of our participating stores!


Tax Free Weekend!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Woodstove and Fireplace Shop - Tax Free Weekend

Don't Wait for the Tax Free Holiday, Taking Orders Now!

The Massachusetts 2018 Tax Free Holiday has just been announced for Saturday, August 11th and Sunday, August 12th. But you don't have to wait until next month to take advantage, The The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop is taking orders now! This is a perfect time to buy and the perfect time to take advantage of the Massachusetts Woodstove Change Out Program and have a more comfortable (and efficient) winter. You can also double or triple the savings by opting for 12 months interest-free financing and by taking advantage of our Bargain and Burn Pits.

Saturday August 11th we are open from 10am to 5pm. Sunday, August 12th, we are opening just for you from 10am to 4pm. For more information on the Tax Free Holiday or the Woodstove Changeout Program, contact us.

Massachusetts House Approves August Sales Tax Holiday

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 18, 2018
The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop - Gas Grill

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts shoppers are a step closer to enjoying their first sales tax holiday in three years.

The House on Tuesday approved an amendment to an economic development bill that would suspend the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax on the weekend of Aug. 11-12. It also needs approval from the Senate.

Legislation signed earlier this month by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker would require an annual sales tax holiday beginning in 2019, but left open the question of whether one would be held this summer.

The tax-free weekend is popular with shoppers and embraced by many retailers who say it helps fill stores during an otherwise slow summer period.

Critics contend it merely shifts sales from other times during the year while costing the state as much as $20 million in tax revenue.

The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop is taking orders now! This is a good time to buy if you can combine your purchase with the Woodstove Change Out program. Moreover, we have bargain pit and burn pit items on sale which are included in the tax free shopping holiday. Plus, we currently offer up to 12 months interest free financing. So what are you waiting for? Contact Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop for more information. 

By the way, our stores will be open on Sunday, August 12th at 10 am - 4pm. Don't miss this limited time offer. Shop now!

Gas Grills Are Just So Easy!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 11, 2018
The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop - Gas Grill

Grilling on a holiday like the Fourth of July, when you’ve got the day off, is easy. You can take your time; pull out your artisanal hardwood charcoal; light it in your chimney starter; build a perfect two-level fire; and lovingly tend your rib-eye, or your chicken breasts, or your pork ribs.

Fourth of July is hobby grilling.

But what about the 22nd of July, or the 12th of August — when temps are in the 80s or 90s and all you want is to be in your backyard with a beer and a hunk of meat to cook? Instead, it’s 6 p.m., you’re at the office, the kids need to eat, and you still have to go to the store.

This is why gas grills are so easy.

Charcoal purists will tell you their preferred fuel leads to better flavor.

Cooking on charcoal has one indisputable advantage over gas: It gets much hotter. Glowing coals are at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees of radiant heat; while gas gets hotter, there’s very little radiant heat from the flames.

And radiant heat is what’s really cooking your food on a grill. That’s why gas grills use some sort of surface to create radiation, whether it’s lava rocks or ceramic plates. These surfaces are heated by the gas flame, creating the radiant heat generated naturally by charcoal.

Charcoal purists will try and tell you that their preferred fuel leads to better flavor.

Your food doesn’t know what’s creating the heat below it, and once charcoal is hot, there aren’t any aromatic compounds left in the coals. Some say: Carbon is carbon; as it burns, it imparts no flavor of its own to the food being grilled.

The characteristic flavor of grilled food comes from the drippings, not the fuel. When those drippings hit the heat source, the oils, sugars, and proteins burst into smoke and flame. That “flavor” rises in the smoke and warm air to coat the food you’re grilling.

Still not convinced? Know what’s worse than grilling on charcoal? Not having time to grill at all.

You can walk in with a bag of groceries at 6:30, and have grilled chicken on the table at 7, a happy family praising a delicious dinner. The most precious commodity in the world, that’s constantly dwindling, is time.

A gas grill claws back time for you every time you use it. Grill three times a week over the course of a summer, and you’ll have saved yourself a full day. A day! Think of what you can do with an extra day, provided to you by your gas grill.

For information on gas grills, contact The Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop.


Kamado Style Charcoal Grills by Primo

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 04, 2018
Woodstove Fireplace - Kamado Style Charcoal Grills by Primo

The Primo keg-style ceramic grills are designed to fit everyone's outdoor cooking needs. From the Oval XL 400 to the classic round Kamado. Every Primo grill is made to be a primary outdoor cooker, but any of them can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to complement an existing grill or smoker. To give you an idea of the size of our grills and cooking area, we've rated them based on the number of steaks that can be grilled at one time.

Primo Oval XL 400

Our most popular ceramic grill, and no wonder. It offers the largest cooking area and the patented oval shape offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. Grill shown with Primo Grill Cart and 1-Piece Island Top.

Primo Oval LG 300

Perfect for cooking "large" amounts of food. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food and increase your cooking area with the optional extended rack system. Grill shown with Primo Grill Cart and 1-Piece Island Top.

Primo Oval JR 200

Deceptively large when it comes to cooking area. Two 14 lb. turkeys can be roasted simultaneously. Use as a primary grill or to complement an existing gas grill. Grill shown with Primo Grill Cart and 2-Piece Island Top.

Primo Kamado All-In-One

Our traditional 18.5" round Kamado style grill. Features an ergonomic handle, Cradle Stand, FDA approved food safe Side Tables, Ash Tool, and Grate Lifter. Kamado grill also available separately.

For more information on Primo charcoal grills, contact the Woodstove Fireplace & Patio Shop.