Intense Heat for Great Grilling.

Features Include:

  • Stainless Steel Fold Down Shelves

  • Patented SearMagic® Cooking Grids

  • Electronic Ignition Lights Individual Burners

  • Sta-Kool Stainless Steel Handle

  • Built-in Heat Indicator
Infrared & Hybrid Grills

Advantages of Infrared:

  • Fast... heats up in approximately 3 minutes
  • Intense heat...seals in meat juices for better flavor
  • Time saver...heats up faster with shorter grilling time
  • Reduce flare ups...high intense heat vaporizes juices instantly

Advantages of Hybrid:

  • Infrared burner for time saving grilling and 2 cast stainless steel burners for traditional grilling

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