2019 Commonwealth Woodstove Change-out Program

Stay one step ahead of next year's winter by upgrading your old woodstove with help from a rebate!

Rebates of $500 to $3,250 based on new stove type, its energy efficiency, and your income.

For more information, please call our Wood Stove specialist at 978-707-4168!

ACT NOW! Rebates End August 5, 2019

Income-Based Rebate Adder

To be eligible for the Income-Based Rebate, homeowners must first verify that their income is less than 80% of the State Median Income. There are three ways to prove eligibility:

  1. Electric bill with a Residential Assistance Rate Code (typically "R2")
  2. Fuel Assistance letter of Acceptance for the 2018-2019 heating season
  3. Third Party Income Verification Letter (apply through https://massceciverify.com/)