These certified gas fire pit inserts incorporate a whistle-free flex line between the gas valve and burner pan offering insert flexibility and simpler installation.

Linear Trough Fire Pit Insert – Littleton, Sudbury, MA

Features Include:

  • Perfect for fire pits without electricity and need for flame sensing.
  • Flex line configuration
  • Flame sensing - flame blows out, gas will turn off
  • Spark ignition - No match required.
  • Complete drop-in fire pit insert utilizes a standing pilot with thermocouple to safely control gas flow, manual spark igniter (AA battery) and safety pilot valve.
  • CSA Certified up to 140K Btu
  • Comes fully assembled with #304 stainless steel pan & burner, FPPK-HC control box with pilot assembly and whistle-free flex line.
  • CSA Certified Small Tank Approved with use of STLPK Kit if shown with this symbol (*ST*)


  • FPPK24-TRGH-FLEX - 24” Trough Pan with a 24" T-Burner, burning at 50K BTU - *ST*
  • FPPK36-TRGH-FLEX - 36” Trough Pan with a 36" T-Burner, burning at 75K BTU - *ST*
  • FPPK48-TRGH-FLEX - 48” Trough Pan with a 48" T-Burner, burning at 90K BTU - *ST*
  • FPPK60-TRGH-FLEX - 60” Trough Pan with a 60" T-Burner, burning at 90K BTU - *ST*
  • FPPK72-TRGH-FLEX - 72” Trough Pan with a 72" T-Burner, burning at 140K BTU
  • FPPK96-TRGH-FLEX - 96” Trough Pan with a 96" T-Burner, burning at 140K BTU

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