HearthStone is proud to add the Nestor Martin family of oil burning stoves to our product line.

The heart of these oil stoves is the highly efficient burner that will heat reliably without any power.

This tried and true burner optimizes the mix of preheated combustion air and the oil, resulting in an excellent combustion, with a high and consistent efficiency.

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Nestor Martin S31 - Hearthstone Oil Stove Littleton, Sudbury, MA


  • Heats up to: 1,400 sq ft
  • Power: 10.2 kW / 34,900 BTU/hr
  • Efficiency: 74 %
  • Venting: 4" Type L
  • Minimum fuel consumption: 408cc / 0.108 gal/hr
  • Maximum fuel consumption: 960cc / 0.254 gal/hr
  • Actual Weight: 236 lbs.

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