The Inspiration® Fireplace Insert comes standard with a matte black interior finish. Required options include logs, glass beads or river rocks. One of the five interior lining options will compliment your home décor. Add the standard surround or one of the decorative surrounds with a powder coat paint finish to customize the look of your Fireplace Insert.

Inspiration® 29 - Ambiance Gas Insert Littleton, Sudbury, MA

Features Include:

  • Multifunction Ecotel Remote Control
    The Ecotel Remote Control has the following features:
    • Easy On/off Manual operation
    • Thermostatic Control easy to setup
    • 6-settings to turn on and off the lights inside the fireplace
    • 6-speed operation of the convection fan
  • Quiet 6-speed Convection Fan
    The Convection Fan provides an efficient way to move warm air across the room where the fireplace sits. It can be set to run automatically or manually, using the Ecotel Remote Control.
  • Accent Lights
    Two dimmable light bulbs are found inside the firebox. It adds brightness to the firebox. They can be used whether the flame is on or off. Lights are operated with the Ecotel Remote Control.

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