The Intrigue® 36 MV generates its own energy to operate the fire. This fireplace is radiant 100% through its ceramic glass and it comes standard without a fan. Still, it boasts an Energuide Efficiency of 70.5%! The Intrigue® 36 MV is simple to use, perfect for homes where a quiet and relaxing fire is a must!

The Intrigue® 36MV is approved everywhere in Canada and the USA, even in regions where a shut off regulation is imposed on standing pilots.

 Intrigue® 36MV - Ambiance Gas Fireplace Littleton, Sudbury, MA

Features Include:

  • Optional Fan & Remote
  • BTU: 19,000 to 27,000 BTU
  • Energuide Efficiency: 70.5%
  • Steady State Efficiency: 76.4%
  • 7-piece hand carved high definition log set
  • Viewing Area: 28’’ W x 19.63’’ H
  • Providing 550 square inches of ceramic glass

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