This past week was my time to cook on the Memphis Pellet Grill. For my entry I prepared a traditional New England clam boil. It’s a little strange writing a review of your own entry but I’m left with no other choice since my volunteer backed out on me, so here goes. The boil included clams, mussels, potatoes, homemade sausage (from the Country Butcher & Deli in Groton), onions and yes … hotdogs. First the bad. The potatoes were underdone (a big no-no) and the mussels were a little overdone. Now the good. The broth, which is my favorite part, was awesome. I chaulk this up less to me and more to the homemade sausage. The mussels despite being a little over done had a nice smoky flavor from the pellet smoke. The rest of the meal was good but who’s ever had a bad clam bake.

In summary this meal received a 6.0 rating from the judges which I feel was justified. It certainly was good eats but nothing that deserved a rating above average. Wrapping up this round, service manager Patfro Lyons came out on top with his Patfro’s Last Meal Ribs. This weekend we’re starting our second round of the event. During this event we’ll be cooking on our Al Fresco Grill which is what many consider the best gas grill on the market. Stop in to see chef Patfo in action.


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